The New Yorker, Cartoons from the Issue of January 14th, 2013

Sure, I’d give this advice to my children.

“Son, if you can’t say something nice, say something clever but devastating.” – Emily Flake


The New Yorker, Cartoons from the Issue of January 14th, 2013

Condé Nast – Emily Flake – Item #: 9356865


Shared Meals

You don’t know people until you’ve shared a meal with them.

I don’t know who inspired me with this thought, but eating with people is a habit that I’ve honed. Food is a great equalizer: everyone has to eat! Our guard comes down when we partake in this ritual of consuming food, which facilitates a deeper level of interaction and sustained familiarity.

I’m living away from home and have been content to keep my place deliberately utilitarian and, quite frankly, uninviting.  But since I’ll be around in my current location for the foreseeable future, I’ve decided to have more shared meals with interesting people I encounter. One way to start is to cook for them, and I’ve hosted a few dinner parties already. Things are off to a great start, and I’m looking forward to not only more home-cooked meals, but also new friendships.


Be Quick To Do Good

Pastor Tim concluded his sermon with a line that went something like this:

May we quicken our response to the Spirit’s guiding.

I like that idea because it speaks to a life of obedience in Christ. Taken another way, it’s a call not to hesitate to do what I’m called to do as I live out my Christian faith. (After all, knowing the right thing isn’t the same thing as doing the right thing!) Be quick to do good.

Moncton Wesleyan Church – Guardrails Week #1 – Jan 5, 2014


I’ll have seasons where a particular thought comes up again and again. This quote has been on my mind lately:

Sacrifice means giving up one thing for something better.

Sure, it’s easy to look at what’s lost (I believe there’s an article that explains how humans default to that perspective), so why not fix your attention on what’s to come? That hope keeps me going beyond whatever my circumstances are.